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Hellish Quart – PC Crashing or Black Screen on Launch Issue – Fix

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Solving the Annoying”Crash on Launch Issue

Admin Rights

Sometimes, a game just needs that extra bit of authority to get going. For Hellish Quart, try right-clicking on its icon and choosing Run as Administrator. If that doesn’t do the trick, make sure you’re playing from an account with administrative privileges.



Antivirus Hurdles

Sometimes, your antivirus is just trying to protect you, but it ends up being a little overprotective. It might mistake your game’s exe file for something harmful. To fix this, you can either:


  • Hit the pause button on your antivirus.


  • Or, list your game as the cool kid by adding an exception for it…



Old GPU Driver

Old drivers can be like that pair of jeans from a decade ago; they don’t always fit right. Get your GPU drivers up to speed by updating them.



How to Check and Update Video Card Drivers

  • Tap that Windows + R combo on your keyboard.


  • Type in “DxDiag” and give it an OK.


  • Once the DirectX Diagnostic Tool shows up, head to the Display tab.


  • Check out your video card’s details in the Device section and the driver’s age in the Driver section.


  • Head over to your driver’s official website for the latest version. Need help? Check these out:


AMD Drivers


Nvidia Drivers


Intel Drivers


Think you’re all set but still facing issues? Try giving your game’s local data a quick checkup. Fire up Steam, go to your game’s properties, hit the “Local files” tab, and click “Verify integrity of game cache”. It’s like a mini health check for your game files.



Black Screen Issue

Quick Toggle

Getting a blank screen on Hellish Quart? Here’s the first thing to try:


  • Press the Alt + Tab keys together. It’s like telling your game, “Hang on, I’ll be right back!”


  • Dive back into the game with Alt + Tab again. If it’s all good now, great! If not, read on.



Windowed Mode

Sometimes, games just need a change in perspective. A quick switch between full-screen and windowed mode can often help:


  • With your game running, hit Alt + Enter. This puts it into windowed mode.


  • Want to go big again? Just press Alt + Enter one more time.


Hopefully, one of these tweaks brings the visuals back to your game.


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