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FIFA 22: How to Do Mohamed Salah Prayer & Kiss the Ground Celebration

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How to Do Mohamed Salah Prayer & Kiss the Ground Celebration in FIFA 22

Many people believe that Salah kisses the ground, but that is not the case. Mohamed Salah, like many players, is deeply religious, and a constant in each of his celebratory routines is to kneel and bow his head in the prayer of gratitude.


Sujud is the name given to this performance, which is also practiced by several Muslim players around the world. This goal celebration is not exclusive to Mohammed Salah, anyone who looks up to someone bigger than himself can express that on the pitch with L2 or LT along with the right stick directed to the right. Remember, you can always cancel any celebration in the midst of it happening by pressing all the bumpers and triggers on the Xbox controller or the R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 on the Dualshock.


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