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Enter the Gungeon – How to Unlock The Paradox

Enter the Gungeon – How to Unlock The Paradox

Unlocking this character takes one run, if you find everything you need.


Unlock Hint 1: Before anything else, you need to have successfully killed the past of one of the first 4 characters.


Unlock Hint 2: As the name suggests, there is something uncanny about this character. It requires you to find and interact with something uncanny too (and then keep on playing a full run). It does not always appear and you may not realize that you can actually interact with it by pressing “e”.


Unlock Hint 3: If you’ve been to the Forge, you’ve seen this phenomena before. However, it is much rarer on other floors. It is anomalous, in fact, and that is why you can interact with it if you come across it on a higher floor. After you pick it up, you will know. You will need to carry it on you, all the way to the past…


Unlock Solution: As said in the official wiki page: The method to unlock the Paradox can only be accessed after killing at least one Past. In the Gungeon Proper, Black Powder Mine and the Hollow, there is a 20% chance that a cosmic rift will appear in a random room, which the player can walk into and interact with to receive a paradox effect. Killing the boss after the Dragun (like in the past) with the effect active will unlock The Paradox. Multiple cosmic rifts can appear in one run, and they can also appear during a Rainbow Run.


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