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Controls for Skull and Bones

Controls for Skull and Bones

Here’s the rundown on all the default controls for Skull and Bones on PC, PS5 and Xbox. There’s a whole bunch of keybinds and button configs to keep straight, so it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark this page for later. And just a heads up, you can totally customize them in the settings menu to fit your play style.



PC Controls

Ship Management

  • A/D: Turn the ship left or right.


  • S: Drop the sails to slow down or come to a stop.


  • W: Adjust the sails for some extra speed.


  • T: Head to the crow’s nest for a better look around. Just watch the height!


  • R: Scope out distant ships or land with the spyglass.


  • V: Switch to an external view of the ship to see her in full splendor.


  • B: Look from the back of the ship, great for spotting anyone sneaking up behind.


  • S (press again): Hop off to stretch those sea legs.




  • Right Mouse Button: Ready your weapons.


  • L Alt: Aim down sights for a clearer shot.


  • Left Mouse Button: Fire those cannons and let them roar.


  • Q: Switch to your sidearm or special weapon.


  • Space: Get ready for incoming attacks.


  • R: Call on the crew to attack. It’s time for action!




  • E/Q: Zoom in or out to get a better view or see more of your surroundings.


  • Left Mouse Button: Mark or unmark targets, keeping tabs on enemies or points of interest.



PS5 Controls

Ship Management

  • Left Stick (Tilt): Steer the ship left or right.


  • Circle/X Button: Adjust sails to stop or speed up.


  • R3 Button: Look through the spyglass.


  • Circle (Press to Disembark): Step off the ship.




  • L2/R2 Button: Aim and shoot your weapons.


  • R3 Button: Aim with precision.


  • L1 Button: Swap weapons.


  • R1 Button: Brace for incoming fire.


  • Triangle Button: Command the crew to launch an attack.




  • R2/L2 Button: Zoom in or out.


  • X Button: Mark or unmark targets.



Xbox Controls

Ship Management

  • Left Stick (Tilt): Navigate the ship left or right.


  • B/A Button: Control the sails.


  • Right Stick Press: Peek through the spyglass.


  • B Button (Press to Disembark): Leave the ship.




  • Left/Right Trigger: Aim and fire.


  • Right Stick Press: Aim with more accuracy.


  • Left/Right Bumper: Change weapons or brace for impact.


  • Y Button: Give the order for the crew to attack.




  • Right/Left Trigger: Adjust the zoom.


  • A Button: Mark or unmark points of interest.


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