Breeders of the Nephelym - All Traits Guide - MGW

Breeders of the Nephelym – All Traits Guide

Breeders of the Nephelym - All Traits Guide

There are currently 27 Traits in total, and every Nephelym can have them (except for gender/body shape specific Traits).


  • Offspring and Wild Nephelym have a higher chance to inherit more Traits when you raise the Trait Level (each level adds another chance, up to Level 30) at The Emissary.


  • There is a 70% chance during breeding to acquire one of the parent’s Traits.


  • The number of Traits a Nephelym can have at once is not limited and random (the highest ones that have been seen were between 6-8 at max Trait Level).



All Traits


Charmer – Allure raises XP from breeding as a percentage.


Debauched – Offspring have a 20% chance to ignore the negative impacts of inbreeding


Divergent – Offspring have a chance to generate a random trait upon being summoned


Fertile – Fertility increases pregnancy chance from repeated breeding by 20%


Grungy – Mates have a 20% of getting dirty, reducing allure by 50% (thorough removable cleaning at the Public Bath, implemented in build 0.709 Alpha)


Hedonist – Gains the XP that would have been granted to the other mate.


Hornball – Loses 35% less lust during breeding.


Juicy Produces – 50% extra body fluid when harvested.


Kindhearted – Grants twice as much XP to mates but only receives half as much.


Meaty – Strength raises the XP granted to mates when breeding as a percentage of Vulwarg, Bull, and Titan’s muscles.


Nurturing – Offspring inherit 20% higher stats.


Nymphomaniac – Loyalty is increased twice as fast from having sex.


Sadistic – Reduces the loyalty of breeding partners but gains twice as much XP


Stoic – Increases maximum lust by 20%


Swift – Dexterity reduces the lust cost of actions as a percentage.


Valuable – Value is increased by 35%


Busty – Inherited huge breasts.


Chubby –  Inherited more body fat Bovaur.


Hung – Inherited a larger dick.


Slender – Inherited less body fat.


Slick – Inherited shiny, oily skin


Sterile – Cannot produce offspring


Gaudy – Inherited an unusual vivid color scheme.


Atypical – Inherited an unusual size for its variant.


Hybrid – This one is a mix of two races


Abomination – This one was the product of strange bedfellows.


Buxom – Inherited a very large ass.


Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha – Console Commands


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