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Across the Obelisk: Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

Across the Obelisk: Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

General tips for Across the Obelisk

  • Hero/monster speed is one of the key stats in the game; speed determines the turn order “showed in the top character bar,” acting before enemies it’s a big advantage and should be exploited. Cards like Piercing Howl or Rupture slow enemies; use them. Any card that provides a “Faste/Haste” bonus should be a priority (like chant of initiative).


  • The energy to cast cards is keeping between rounds, so energy management should be taken into account. Don’t always spend all the energy every round. Track your deck cards and turn order. (for example, using block cards in the last hero in the round it’s a waste of energy)


  • Check enemy resistances/immunities, ALWAYS. Don’t waste a fireball onto a fire imp or bleeding cards on trunkies. (enemy resistances are quite relevant in this game, seriously)


  • EVENT ROLLS, they can be quite punishing. Read the possible outcomes of the event and consider your current party status and decks; it’s not mandatory to roll; almost all events have options that don’t require rolls. Don’t feel forced to roll; a bad roll can have consequences that can ruin a run.


  • Try different paths, you will see different enemies with different stats/decks/resistances, and further in the game, you can pick the path that fits your party/decks.


  • Corruptions are difficult but have outstanding rewards. They are tempting, but I would suggest skipping them in the early runs.


  • You get hero perk points, unlock new cards, and a reward chest at the end of each run. After the first couple of runs starting decks can be heavily improved easily. A single area of effect heal or dispel can be a game-changer in early runs. Also, keep in mind that you can cash in until 3 chests in a single run.


  • Divination unlocks all the cards that are shown, besides you pick it or not. It’s a great way to unlock cards at an early game; use it.



Quick tips for Ylmer

Ylmer can be a tough boss in the first runs, but once you know him, it can be beaten with almost any deck.


  • Try to reach him with your party above 50% of health; I suggest resting before combat if you are below 80%. (it’s a roguelike, so sometimes you will have a bad run)


  • DON’T attack Ylmer if he has Thorns! He removes the thorns himself so you can hit him the next turn. Attack the minions or save energy (if I recall correctly is on turns 2, 4, and 6)


  • It seems that he heals himself for a lot, but after turn 6 there are no more Thorns or heals.


  • I usually kill the dryad and then the trunkie, keep the energy balanced and poke him when there are no thorns. At turn 4 kill the small trunkies that summon. Protect from the death ray from turn 5-6, and after it goes full dmg to him, you should be able to kill him before turn 10. Insulation and courage are very useful for mitigating Ylmer death ray damage.


  • If you still have issues ignore him totally till you turn 7, kill the adds and protect your party. Then go full dmg on him after turn 6.



Quick tips deck building

  • Deck space can be counter-intuitive if you are not used to card games; try to keep the deck as “slim” as possible. Every card you add to your deck decreases the chances that your god/combo cards will pop up. Don’t feel forced to pick a reward card in every combat. And remove cards that don’t fit your build/strategy.


  • At least for me, half of the fun, it’s trying new crazy decks/comps, playing with 2 priests, converting the mage into an energy battery for the party, using the priest as shadow dmg, etc…


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