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Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Trendy Game figurines

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Progress through the game to unlock figurines based off of Mario enemies at the Trendy Game. Once you get figurines, they can be placed on figurine stands found within the homes of Mabe Village’s residents. You can only have one figurine in your inventory at a time, and if any new ones are available, they will not appear until the previous one has been placed. Get all ten to unlock a Chamber Stone and decrease the price of the Trendy Game to 5 rupees. The following is a list of when each figurine becomes unlocked, and where they need to be placed.



1. CiaoCiao: Available after getting the Yoshi Doll. Place in Madam MeowMeow’s House.


2. Goomba: Available after Level 1. Place in Marin’s House.


3. Spiny: Available after Level 2. Place in Papahl’s House.


4. Boo: Available after Level 3. Place in Papahl’s House.


5. Cheep Cheep: Appears after Level 4. Place in Ulria’s House.


6. Blooper: Available after Level 5. Place in Ulria’s House.


7. Shy Guy: Available after Level 6. Place in Papahl’s House.


8. Pirahna Plant: Available after Level 7. Place in Marin’s House.


9. Pokey: Available after Level 8. Place in Papahl’s House.


10. BowWow: Available after completing the game. Place in Madam MeowMeow’s House.


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