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WoW Classic – How to Get to Silithus

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How to Get to Silithus

Mobs in Silithus are an excellent source of materials, gold and items. Elementals in these areas drop a lot of green and blue items, gold and other vendor junk but most importantly they drop essences. We’re looking for Dust Stormers in Silithus since they can drop Elemental Air and occasionally, Traveler’s Backpack. You can make A LOT of gold in this area, provided it’s not heavily camped by others.


Go to Gadgetzan and head to the SW corner of Tanaris (more or less) and there will be a path leading down to Ungoro Crater. Go to the NW corner of Ungoro and there will be a path up that leads to Silithus. The path to Silithus starts in the Northwest Area of the map @ 29,22.




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