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WoW Classic – How to Get the Crescent Key for Dire Maul

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How to get the Crescent Key for Dire Maul

In order to enter the East and North wing of the Dire Maul dungeon complex, at least one member of your party will need the DM key, also known as the Crescent Key. It is of of the easier dungeon keys to obtain, and here is how you get it:



  • -Enter DM East, which doesn’t need a key, and take the left road



  • -At the end of the road, there is a small demon called Pusillin. You need to talk to it.



  • -Pusillin will run away a short distance. You don’t need to be quick, just follow him. When you reached him, talk to him again and he will run away again.



  • -This process repeats itself 4-5 times and at the end, you need to kill the demon, who will then drop the DM key for every party member.


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