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WoW Classic – Best Races for Mage

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Best Races for Mage

Only Human or Gnome races for Alliance, and Troll or Undead on Horde. Obviously, there’s no “one right” choice, every race has its own benefits to consider.


Gnomes get 5% Intellect Bonus passive ability, it increases their mana and critical spell strike. They also get “Escape Artist” ability, it removes any movement impairing effects.


Humans have “Perception”, that increases player’s chance to detect Rogues or Druids in Stealth. Another passive ability is “Diplomacy” giving 10% extra to reputation with any faction.
Both of races have own advantages in PVE and PVP. Gnomes are better in PVE but for PVP sometimes you win spotting a stealthed rogue first.


On Horde Troll is preferred for PVE because of their “Berserking” ability, increasing casting speed from 10 to 30% (depends on how low is your health amount). Passive ability is 5% bonus damage versus beasts.


Undeads have “Will of the Forsaken”. It removes any control effects (fear, sleep etc) and makes you immune – perfect for PVP.


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