WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Alchemy Specializations Guide


Alchemy Specializations

Alchemy had no specializations before, and receives three in BC An alchemist can choose from the following:


• Master of Potions: Gives a chance to receive an additional potion when creating a high-level potion.


• Master of Elixirs; Gives a chance to receive an additional elixir when creating a high-level elixir.


• Master of Transmutation: Gives a chance to receive a higher quality gain when transmuting materials


Note that the alchemy specializations do not give you access to specializations specific recipes New recipes highlights.


• Flask of Relentless Assault: Increases Attack Power by 360 for 2 hours


• Destruction Potion= +2% spell crit chance and 120 spell damage for 1? seconds


• Haste Fotion: Increases Haste rating by 400 for 15 seconds.


• Elixir of Empowerment: +?C spell penetration for 1 hour


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