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World of Warcraft Death’s Rising Shadowlands Pre-Patch Event – Icecrown Rares Loot

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Icecrown Rares Loot

Every rare can be looted once per day and has a small chance to drop ilvl 110 weapons or armor which is on par with gear from N’Zoth in Ny’alotha. Note that all rares have a rare chance to drop an Accursed Keepsake which sometimes spawns a ghost. Specific rares may also give items like bags and mounts to lucky players.


Blood Queen Lana’thel: Mail chest, Plate hands, Agility polearm


Professor Putricide: Leather helm, Plate chest, Melee Critical Strike trinket


Lady Deathwhisper: Cloth shoulders, Leather chest, Mail hands


Skadi the Ruthless: Plate waist, Leather chest, Mail feet, Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake (rare mount)


Ingvar the Plunderer: Leather waist, Critical Strike/Haste Ring, 2-handed Strength axe


Prince Keleseth: Strength cloak, Agility fist weapon, Leather feet, Mail waist, Mail hands, Critical Strike/Haste necklace


The Black Knight: Intellect dagger, Leather shoulders, Plate helm


Bronjahm: Cloth hands, Mail helm, Plate hands, Papa’s Mint Condition Bag (34-slot World of Warcraft bag)


Scourgelord Tyrannus: Cloth legs, Leather legs, Critical Strike/Versatility shield


Forgemaster Garfrost: Plate legs, Critical Strike/Mastery ring, 2-handed Strength mace


Marwyn: Cloth shoulders, Cloth helm, Mail chest


Falric: Cloth wrists, Plate shoulders, Plate legs


The Prophet Tharon’ja: Leather legs, Critical Strike/Versatility ring, Critical Strike/Mastery shield


Novos the Summoner: Mail wrists, Plate chest, 1-handed Strength mace


Trollgore: Cloth helm, 2-handed Strength sword


Krik’thir the Gatewatcher: 1-handed Agility dagger


Prince Taldaram: Strength cloak, Agility fist weapon, Leather feet, Mail waist, Mail hands, Critical Strike/Haste necklace


Elder Nadox: Haste/Versatility ring


Noth the Plaguebringer: Cloth chest, Versatility/Mastery ring


Patchwerk: Leather waist, Mail shoulders, 2-handed Strength axe


Shared Loot: Haste/Mastery Bow, Mail legs, Cloth waist, Leather chest, Plate feet


While most of the community won’t need this gear on their main characters, it does offer a guaranteed way to quickly gear up alts when combined with the ilvl 100 gear that can be purchased from Argent Crusade vendors. Any heroes fully decked out in Death’s Rising gear should last through most of the Shadowlands leveling experience before replacing anything and getting their Covenant powers.


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