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What’s the Cap Breaker? – NBA 2K22

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What is the Cap Breaker, exactly?

It’s a common question, particularly among newcomers; to understand Cap Breaker, go to your attributes upgrading page and look for white lines. Those are your maximum improvements, resulting in an overall score of 99. You can initially reach an overall score of 85. Experimenting with games gives you experience. Attribute improvements will be unlocked at random once you’ve filled up your cap breaker bar.



How to Grind for Cap Breaker Quickly?

If you want to grind for Cap Breakers quickly, a 12-minute career combined with a couple of practices after the game is the best method to do it. Make the first set a pick and roll, then go over it and take a step back to shoot a three. Before you take a step back, make sure you’re on the three-point line so you can get a deep three. If you use this method, you may earn approximately 60k each game and another 15k from practices.


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