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Valheim – How to Hunt Trolls

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How to Hunt Trolls

Trolls are giant creatures located in the Black Forest.


Trolls have a huge health pool and deal massive damage to anything within striking range. They also deal significant damage to the surrounding terrain and native flora, as well as player-made structures. It seems Trolls have the capability to spawn with a log that inflicts massive AOE damage, or rocks that they will continually throw at the player. Their attacks are relatively slow and easy to dodge by utilizing side-strafing and rolling. You should also be aware that they are capable of destroying trees that can fall and harm the player.


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The way to hunt these and deal critical damage (yellow damage) is by using a dagger. it’s very risky, it can be hard to pull off as their aggression range is also very big, but if you manage to sneak up on one and pull off a backstab with the secondary attack you can deal half its health in damage in one hit, with higher-level daggers and upgraded with high skill it can even be a one-shot.



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