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Valheim – How to Find Boss Runes

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How to Find Boss Runes

When you find a boss rune a boss mark will spawn in your map, this allows you to easily find the summon temple.



1. Elder:

– Rune is in Burial chambers.



2. The Elder:

-The Elder’s location will be shown on your map when you’ve interacted with glowing red runestones you can find in the skeleton-filled burial chambers of the Black Forest. You may also come across the same rune stones outside greyling encampments, like stone towers, also in the Black Forest.



3. Bonemass:

– You will find this rune inside a Swamp Crypt.



4. Moder:

– You will find this rune in a stone settlement at the border of the mountain biome.



5. Yagluth Rune:

– You will find this rune in the Plains biome. Just surrounded by rocks.


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