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Valheim – How to Craft Wolf Armor Set

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How to Craft Wolf Armor Set

This armor set comes with 3 armor pieces that you can craft and equip on your character. The whole armor set when equipped gives you 10% increase movement speed while giving you 24 armor in total and it also gives you Frost Resistance. This armor set contains the following armor pieces with their crafting recipe:


Wolf Armor Piece Crafting Recipe
Wolf Armor Chest Piece
  • 1 Chain
  • 20 Silver
  • 2 Wolf Pelt
Wolf Armor Legs
  • 6 Wolf Pelt
  • 4 Silver
  • 1 Wolf
Drake Helmet
  • 2 Drake Trophy
  • 20 Silver
  • 5 Wolf Pelt
Wolf Fur Cape
  • 1 Wolf Trophy
  • 6 Wolf Pelt
  • 4 Silver



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