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Valheim – How to Breed Boars Effectively

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How to Breed Boars Effectively

To breed Boars effectively, we must first understand how the Boar AI works.


Each Boar has an invisible sphere surrounding it with a radius of approximately 5-floor tiles or, according to the in-game metric system, 10 meters. But we’ll use floor tiles for ease of understanding. Boars use this sphere to detect things around them. Think of it as a radar.


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(The checkered pattern represents floor tiles)


When multiple Boars are nearby or within each other’s sphere, they detect and count each other. When this count reaches 6, in other words, when the Boars detect five other Boars nearby, they can no longer breed.


Why does this matter? This allows us to predict and manipulate the precise number of Boars we can breed. Since the enclosure size doesn’t matter and only the distance between each Boar determines how many Boars can be bred, we can instead create multiple smaller enclosures to prevent the Boars from wandering around and disturbing the breeding process of other Boars. For example, if a Boar detects four other Boars and begins breeding, but another Boar suddenly enters its proximity, the breeding process will end early. We don’t want that to happen, and to do that, we need to limit the space that they can wander around in.


To keep the Boars from wandering around and continue breeding in each enclosure, the enclosures must be spaced apart by 4-floor tiles or 8meters.


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Another benefit of smaller enclosures is that we are forcefully keeping the Boars within touching distance. This reduces the time needed for the Boars to find a mate to breed with, essentially forcing them to breed instantly.


The recommended size for a single enclosure is 2×2 tiles or 4 square meters. If feeling a bit too cramped, a 3×3 tile size enclosure or a 3×2 should work as well, but a 2×2 tile enclosure will allow the quickest breeding.


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