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Unity of Command II – Reinforcements

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Units are composed of steps and specialists. Each step represents an equal share of a unit’s manpower and equipment. Specialists represent smaller military formations attached to a unit, such as artillery or engineers.



There are three basic types of steps:


● infantry step, consisting of 1x infantry component


● mechanized step, consisting of 1x infantry, and 1x armor equipment


● armor step, consisting of 1x infantry, and 2x armor equipment


Infantry and armor equipment are interchangeable between units: the player can take a step from an armored unit, and use its infantry to reinforce an infantry unit. Steps of different nationalities can not mix, however. A US armor step consists of 1x US infantry and 2x US armor. Neither can be used to reinforce British units. Smaller allied nations (everyone except the UK and US) use armor equipment from one of the majors:


● Free French use US armor equipment


● Canada, New Zealand, Poland and South Africa use UK armor equipment




Similar nationality restrictions apply to specialists:


● US and UK units can use only their own respective specialists


● Free French, Brazilian and Allied Italian units can use their own or US specialists


● Canadian, New Zealander, Polish, and South African, and Indian units can use their own or UK specialists


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