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Transport Fever 2 – Passengers Don’t Want to Show up to my Stations

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Passengers Don’t Want to Show up to my Stations

To solve passenger transport issues, you need to understand how passengers travel. Passengers always start at Residential zones, and travel towards Commercial (Shopping) or Industrial (Work) zones. A passenger will choose a task (working or shopping) and find a route to a relevant zone.


Once the passenger’s task is completed, it will plot a return trip, and will work it’s way back from the Commercial or Industrial building it visited to the Residential building that it originated from.


With that in mind, your job is to provide efficient routes for passengers to take to reach their destination, which may be local, or may be intercity. The reason this is important is that your lines are competing with the passengers own feet, or with personal vehicles. In Transport Fever providing efficient and effective passenger travel would help to reduce the amount of vehicles clogging the streets of a town.


The more destinations that a passenger has available to it, the more likely they will want to ride.


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