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Transport Fever 2 – My Bus/Train/Ship/Plane Doesn’t want to Deliver Cargo

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My Bus/Train/Ship/Plane Doesn’t want to Deliver Cargo

Transport Fever 2 (like it’s predecessor) is demand driven. For Cargo to be transported on one of your lines, a factory that produces cargo must see a buyer on the map for it’s cargo. That might be an Intermediary factory or the End Consumer in a Town.


Unlike in Transport Fever, cargo chains DO NOT have to be completed. You can deliver Logs from a Forest to a Sawmill, but unless you find a way to transport the planks the Sawmill produces to a Tools Factory or a Machine Factory, the Sawmill won’t upgrade and the demand of the Sawmill will be limited.


To Transport Cargo, you must have a valid route or path from the Source to the Destination, which may be a single line, or may also involve multiple lines and multiple forms of Transportation. You can easily have a truck line hauling Crude Oil to a Harbor, have that Crude Oil shipped by ship down to a second Harbor, picked up on a rail line to be transported to a town where it gets loaded onto a second truck line to reach the Refinery.


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