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Torchlight Infinite Beginner’s Guide: Everything New Players Need to Know

Torchlight Infinite Beginner's Guide: Everything New Players Need to Know

When the original Torchlight launched in 2009, it was praised for being a breath of fresh air in the dungeon-crawling looter genre. Prior to its release, there were few notable games outside of the one that is largely credited with establishing the genre: Diablo. Now, over a decade later, Torchlight has come into its own and evolved with a brand-new experience that promises to maintain the fun spirit of the original Torchlight while expanding it out into a continuously-supported live service game called Torchlight Infinite.


Similar to how Fortnite has made its fortune, Torchlight Infinite is a fully-fleshed out free-to-play game that offers all of the in-depth mechanics and features that a full-priced game would have. Players can choose their hero from a set selection, but then add abilities and equipment to create unique builds that are completely customized to them and their particular style of dungeon-crawling.


Are you one of the gamers who has dived head-first into everything Torchlight Infinite has to offer? If you are, then you could probably use some tips to make the most out of your time with the game, like all new players. If that’s the case, then you’ll find plenty of information in this Torchlight Infinite Beginner’s Guide to get you up and running.



Choosing Your Character

As previously mentioned, all players will need to pick one of the starting character classes before they can begin enjoying Torchlight Infinite. As you play, you’ll be able to customize them to your liking, but all players start off with the same character bases.


There are 5 classes to choose from: Berserker Rehan, Divineshot Carino, Frostfire Gemma, Commander Moto, and Spacetime Witness Youga. Each of these characters is entirely unique, and you might want to try out each of them at least a little before you settle on one for your primary character.



Selecting the Best Gear

Since Torchlight Infinite is a loot-based game, you’re going to be picking up a ton of different pieces of equipment and then sifting through them to find what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. That’s just the nature of the genre, but here is a great tip that will help you save some time when working through this process.


Torchlight Infinite Beginner's Guide: Everything New Players Need to Know


As you go through your loot, identifying all of the equipment, make note of the pieces that work best with your character’s specific traits. Does your character specialize in ranged attacks? AoE? Magic? These are the things you should keep track of, rather than just taking the equipment that boosts your attack or defense the most. Having what works with your character’s build type will be more beneficial in the long run.



Prepare For the Difficulty Spike

After a certain point in the game, you’ll find yourself up against much more powerful threats that will whittle your health down in the blink of an eye. Smart play is critical here, but you can also have an easier time by focusing on upgrading your armor and energy shield traits, rather than spending those points on the elemental defenses that might initially seem more helpful.


Armor protects you from physical damage, while energy shield protects you from magical assaults. Raising these traits at the same time will ensure your survivability in the harder areas of the game, at least for a while. Just remember to avoid taking damage as much as possible by dodging if you’re using a character class who can do that, and by keeping your distance if you’re using a ranged character.



How to Level Up Fast

This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp: the higher level you are, the more damage you’ll do and the better chance you have of surviving. Like all games of this type, players should prioritize getting as many experience points as they can, as quickly as possible. If that means grinding out levels and beating up the same monsters over and over again, then that’s just what needs to be done.


If you’re looking to gain levels in Torchlight infinite quickly, then here is what you can do. First, make sure you take down every single enemy in an area before moving on to the next one. Doing this will make sure you get the most out of the buffs that have been activated in that area, since it will reset when you move on to the next zone. Next, you can get a little XP boost by equipping a packspirit that grants an XP bonus. In addition to helping out with damage, that passive XP bonus will add up fairly quickly before you know it.


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