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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Dampé’s Challenges Availability

The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Fishing Pond Unlockables Guide

Complete Level 2: Bottle Grotto to unlock Dampé’s Shack, near the foot of Mt. Tamaranch (where the Egg is located). Dampé’s Shack allows access to the Chamber Dungeons, which are customizable dungeons using rooms from dungeons you have completed or have obtained by giving Dampé Chamber Stones you find around Koholint. Dampé will give you different challenges as you complete levels, which provide various prizes upon completion. The following is a list of when each challenge is available and what you get for completing it. Note: Challenges in this list are numbered based on the number of shovels for their menu icon. This list also assumes you are completing challenges as they become available.


1-1 (Dungeon Arranging 101): Complete Level 2: Bottle Grotto to unlock a new chamber.


1-2 (Placing Basics): Successfully complete Dungeon Arranging 101 to unlock a new chamber.


1-3 (A Passage Across): Successfully complete Level 3: Key Cavern to unlock a new chamber.


1-4 (Fill Up Your Hearts): Successfully complete “A Passage Across” to get a Secret Seashell and Heart Piece.


2-1 (Key Hunter): Successfully complete all Level 1 Challenges to unlock a new chamber.


2-2 (Bombs Away!): Successfully complete Level 4: Angler’s Tunnel to unlock a new chamber and the +Bombs effect.


2-3 (Treasure Vault): Successfully complete Level 5: Catfish’s Maw to unlock a new chamber.


2-4 (Passageway Central): Successfully complete the Treasure Vault to get a Heart Piece.


3-1 (Stair Decisions): Successfully complete Level 6: Face Shrine to unlock a new chamber.


3-2 (Heart Shortage): Successfully complete “Stair Decisions” to unlock a new chamber and Fairy Bottle.


3-3 (Sheathed Sword): Successfully complete Level 7: Eagle’s Tower to unlock a new chamber and the +Hearts effect.


3-4 (Ticking Clock): Successfully complete Level 8: Turtle Rock to unlock a new chamber, +Wallmasters effect, and Heart Container.


4-All (All Gold Challenges): All Gold Challenges unlock after completing all regular challenges. All Gold Challenges give 300 rupees.


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