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The Frostrune – Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

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Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions


The game begins on a beach with a chest. Proceed up the hill. In the village, take the path to the left, then leave again to go up the runestone hill to the temple.


Take the KNIFE.


Go back to the village and take the right path around the large hall to the gate. Use the KNIFE on the scaffolding.


Take the PLIERS.


Return to the temple where you had found the KNIFE. Click the lopsided wall of the temple.


Use the PLIERS on the orange wedge. The wall will collapse. Click the hole in the wall to enter. Click the body of the Seer and listen to her speech. Note the three ghostly faces around her.


Take the KEY.


Go back to the village and click the door of the large house. Use the KEY on the left lock. Click each key to rotate it to point to the faces that were around the Seer’s ghost.


  • On the left lock, point to the right at the split beard.


  • On the middle lock, point to the left at the pointed hat.


  • On the right lock, point down to the rounded helmet.


The door will open. Inside, take the FLINT AND STEEL and PULLEY from the table.


Click on tapestry for a later clue: wand, small axe, spear, large axe, sword. This must be done; otherwise, the game will not recognize the solution later even if you have it correct.


Leave the hall and return to the gate. Use the PULLEY on the broken pulley, then click the bar of the gate to open it. Leave the town.


Click the book at the base of the landslide for another later puzzle solution (and some fun mythology notes). Take the road north, then the right fork, then again to the beach.


Click the lump in the middle of the beach to take the CLAY. Go to the right and take the FISHING ROD.


Return to the fork before the waterfall and go left, then left past the burned house to the large boulder called the Jotun’s Arrow. Click the ravine below the red cloth.


Use the FISHING ROD on the KEY to take it.


Return to the town and go to the building on the left. Use the KEY on the door. This is the smithy.


Enter and take the PICKAXE.


Return to the landslide and use the PICKAXE around the broken splinters of wood to open a new path. Go through the rocks, then right past the mounds.


Take the AMULET from the frozen body.


Return to the landslide and take the right path, then go down the hill and up the next past the horse runestone. Go left into the woods.


Take the first LOOM WEIGHT.


Click the tree carvings for a later clue about ravens. Return to the fork with the dam and take the right path.


Use the AMULET on the broken rope above the Seer’s house.


Take the KEY and use it on the door.


Enter and take the SCYTHE from the table and the EMPTY CUP from the floor between the stools.


Click the wooden basin on the left for a description of the next task.


Please return to the waterfall and use the EMPTY CUP to fill it. You now have the FULL CUP.


Return to the burned house and use the SCYTHE on the white flower to obtain the YARROW PLANT.


Go back to the Seer’s house. Click on the basin, then use the FULL CUP and YARROW PLANT for a vision.


Go to the spot in the vision (the room to the right of the landslide), and click the rock to move it.


Enter the cave and click the Seer’s staff.


You can now enter the spirit world by clicking the triangle in the bottom right of the screen.



The Horse Totem

It’s time to find some singing spirits. The order they appear in may not be consistent, so look for another one if one does not appear. Leave the cave and turn on spirit vision.


  • Return to the dam to see the swordsman singing purple.


  • Go to the Jotun’s Arrow and see the spearman singing blue.


  • Go to the frozen body beyond the mounds to see the heavy axeman singing green.


  • Go to the front of the village to see the short axeman singing orange.


Please return to the temple and click the ghosts of the singing warriors to change their song colors to what they were singing in the wild (from left to right: orange, blue, green, purple)


Investigate on the altar, then take the SILVER CUP.


Go to the waterfall and put the SILVER CUP in the bowl. This opens up a new path behind the waterfall. Follow this path and take the SHOVEL.


Go to the runestone of the horse and activate spirit vision. Click on the stone twice.


Click on each figure to change them to match the tapestry in the town hall (from left to right: girl, small axe, spear, large axe, sword).


Follow the hoofprints of the horse to the mounds behind the landslide.


Use the SHOVEL on the left mound. Take the SAW, then click on the chest.


To open it, you will need to toggle spirit vision, watch the flashing blocks, then disable spirit vision and click the chest blocks in the same order. Repeat this four times. You will hear a distinct click if you’ve got the sequence right.


  • 1. Top middle, bottom middle, top left, bottom right


  • 2. Top left, bottom right, top middle, top right,


  • 3. Top left, bottom left, bottom right, top middle, bottom middle


  • 4. Top middle, bottom middle, bottom left, bottom right, top left, bottom middle




Return to the temple and use the HORSE TOTEM on the altar.



The Raven Totem

Go to the dam and use the SAW on it.


Go to the Jotun’s Arrow and follow the path up the plank to the right. Activate spirit vision and click the runestone of the raven. To answer each riddle, click the two icons that are associated with that riddle’s god.


  • 1. Hammer and goat


  • 2. Ravens and spearhead


  • 3. Rainbow and horn


  • 4. Boar and cat


Go back to the waterfall and follow the path up the mountain. Activate spirit vision and listen to the ravens.


Return to the Jotun’s Arrow and click in the dark section beneath the boulder. Spirit vision will make it easy to find the spot to click.


Take the BRONZE and click on the chest. Slide each head to match the position from the drawing from the tree bark (from left to right: top, middle, top, middle, bottom, middle).


Click the book in the chest for a clue. Like the tapestry, this must be done to process the following puzzle.


Go to the beach with the boat in progress. Activate spirit vision and click the glow in the ocean. Click the chest and then click each panel to match the notes from the book.


  • Top: Raven and house


  • Left: Raven and girl


  • Right: Raven and face


  • Bottom: Raven and swirls


Leave the water, disable spirit vision, and take the RAVEN TOTEM.


Return to the temple and place the RAVEN TOTEM.



The Wolf Totem

On the path to the burned house, click the wooden well to the left of the path. Take the second LOOM WEIGHT.


Continue to the burned house. Click the compass in the wreckage and activate spirit vision. Click the compass four times to rotate the wheel and view the matching figures. This is necessary for the puzzle to recognize the solution.


Go to the front of the village and enable spirit vision. Click on the runestone of the wolf, then click on each of the shapes in the lower section that matches the ones at the top (the conjoined twins, the three-headed man, and the serpent)


Follow the wolf tracks to the Jotun’s Arrow and click under it to go to the ice wall.




Go to the path where you found the Seer’s staff, then take the right path.


Use the BROKEN AMULET on the other half of the slab.


Take the AMULET and the third LOOM WEIGHT.


Return to the ice wall and use the restored AMULET on the branch where the BROKEN AMULET previously hung.


Take the path to the right. Use the CLAY on the key on the corpse’s belt to receive the CASTING MOLD.


Return to the smithy in town and click on the forge. Use the FLINT AND STEEL on the coals to light the fire. Use the BRONZE on the cup to smelt it. Use the CASTING MOLD on the stone. Finally, click the released mold and take the KEY.


Return to the beach from the start of the game. Use the KEY on the chest, then click the book for a hint for the next puzzle.


Like the previous singing puzzle, we need to track down each singing ghost and click them to change the color of their song. Once again, they may not appear in the listed order. Activate spirit vision.


Go back to the frozen body where you made the key mold and take the path to the right. Change the swordsman’s song to purple.


Outside of the Seer’s home is the large axeman. Change his song to green.


At the mountaintop behind the waterfall is the short axeman. Change his song to orange.


At the boat on the beach is the spearman. Change his song to blue.


Deactivate spirit vision, then click on the chest that rises. Note the four wolf icons and how their heads are towards the sides of the lid.


Enable spirit vision. Click the wolf icons to rotate them. The top icon rotates the top and bottom. The left icon only rotates to the left. The right icon rotates the left and right. The bottom icon rotates the left, right, and bottom.


1. Click the top twice.


2. Click the bottom once.


3. Click the right twice.


4. Click the left three times.


Take the WOLF TOTEM.


Return to the temple and use the WOLF TOTEM on the altar.



The Frostrune



Go back to the frozen corpse and take the left path to the cliffs.


Use the BINDING STAFF on the indentation in the large runestone.


Deactivate spirit vision and click the staff on the ground to take the HEL STAFF.


Go to the Seer’s house and take the right path to the beach grave.


Use the HEL STAFF on the grave to summon the warrior’s ghost.


Note the pattern is flashing within the ghost.


Enter the Seer’s house and click the loom.


Use all three LOOM WEIGHTs on the loom.


On the loom, activate spirit vision and click the lines in the order flashing on the warrior’s ghost. It will look like this:




Go back to the warrior’s grave and activate spirit vision. Take the FROSTRUNE BLADE.


Return to the cliffside runestone. Use the FROSTRUNE BLADE on it, and send that troll back to Hel!


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