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SYNTHETIK – What is the best pistol for [X class]?

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This question comes up specifically for Sniper and Raider extremely often for some reason. Pistols largely come down to user preference, so this advice is partially colored by my own, but here are some good starting points.



What is the best pistol for [X class]?

  • Riot Guard – Auto 9/45 or your preference. Riot Guard is unique because, unlike other classes, he can drop his pistol for a different weapon.


  • Breacher – Auto 9/45, Coil Pistol, or your preference.


  • Assassin – G17 or your preference.


  • Sniper – G17, Auto 9/45, Titanium Eagle, or your preference.


  • Raider – Kaida Model H or Auto 9/45.


  • Heavy Gunner – Auto 9/45, Fusion 57 Classic, or your preference. Gunner is unique because he can carry one more weapon than the other classes, so the Fusion 57 is a good pick for its shield bonus because he is less reliant on his sidearm.


  • Engineer – PPQ-H Laser Pistol. Seriously, just this one is the best. If you have the Arena Supporter Pack, alternatively consider the P25 Overdrive.


  • Demolisher – PPQ-H Laser Pistol, Auto 9/45, or your preference.


The Auto 9/45 is a pretty general-purpose sidearm that works for most classes, even if it may not be the best for every single class; if you’re strapped for data, it’s a good place to start. You can type the code /CYBERPOLICE945 in the in-game global chat to unlock this pistol for free.


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