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SYNTHETIK – What is the best class for beginners?

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What is the best class for beginners?

While every class is good, some are indeed easier to pick up than others. The most accessible classes, in my opinion, are:


  • Riot Guard – Tanky fellow with many hitpoints and stun rounds on his starter gun. His starter SMG/shield is the only starting weapon intended to scale well to endgame; just be sure to get items and upgrades that mitigate its high heat buildup once you start upgrading it.


  • Breacher – Dash in, shoot a shotgun, blow things up with bombs. I recommend stun grenades and methadone.


  • Heavy Gunner – Shoot many bullets. Special ammo supply and overdose are essential: aside from supplying the starting gun, the ammo supply has the unlisted effect of resetting heat on use. The Routine memory module is pretty helpful to compensate for his slow speed.


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