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Steam Summer Sale 2021 – TOP 5 Indie games under $10!


TOP 5 Indie games under $10!

If you’re a fan of indie games, though, searching through for the best indie games on sale can be tricky; many aren’t limited to a single genre. Indie developers have brought us many of gaming’s most creative ventures in recent years and when it comes to this Steam sale, the choices can be overwhelming.


So if you’re looking to narrow down these choices, here’s our guide to 5 of the best indie games we recommend.



5) URUZ “Return of The Er Kishi” ($6.99 at -65%)

1 20


There are not many games that are based on Turkish and Central Asian mythology. This might in fact potentially be the first one purely based on it that gets an international release. This game is based on the stories found in The Book of Dede Korkut, which is a collection of pre-Islamic Turkish stories. That alone sets it apart from the crowd.


URUZ “Return of The Er Kishi” is a 2D platformer, with some RPG elements. The developers claim that it’s a Metroidvania, but there’s very little backtracking, and you’ll just unlock new areas as you progress through the story, rather than by finding items or abilities that let you bypass obstacles.




4) Hollow Knight ($7.49 at -50%)

1 21


Hollow Knight sees you playing a nameless knight, traveling through the ancient kingdom of Hallownest, now plagued by vicious insects. Much like Cuphead, Hollow Knight gained recognition for its tough, but never unfair. gameplay. Coming in at 50% off, Metroidvania fans will find a lot to love here. Just be prepared for a challenge.




3) Darkest Dungeon ($4.99 at -80%)

1 22


Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Recruit, train, and lead a team of flawed heroes against unimaginable horrors, stress, famine, disease, and the ever-encroaching dark.




2) Villa’s Blinds ($3.74 at -75%)

1 23


You have a degree in computer engineering and you can’t find a job? Start now to develop a game in your rental garage. Advertise them and gather your own fan base. Earn your pocket money! Of course, you won’t live in this garbage dump till the end!




1) Spacebourne ($9.74 at -30%)

1 25


SpaceBourne is designed with total player freedom in mind. In Spacebourne, the player can mine asteroids, salvage wrecked and derelict ships, hunt bounties, engage in piracy and explore and discover previously uncharted solar systems and space anomalies like black holes. Besides following the main storyline, the player may also engage in trade, take side missions, help or hinder the various warring races, or even form a force of their own. In all of these activities, the player has the freedom to make choices.


However, to accomplish any of this, one needs a good ship. You can acquire new ships, modify current ones, and create new and different weapons.



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