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Starship Troopers: Terran Command – How to Enter a Hive

Starship Troopers: Terran Command - How to Enter a Hive

A Hive can only be cleared when it is depleted, that is to say, all the Bug icons above the Hive itself are dull. If you hover your cursor over a Hive that is depleted you will see the Hive Network’s total strength and your Army Strength.


A Hive’s strength is equal to the total number of solid red Bug icons in the Hive network while your Army Strength is determined by the number of units you currently have selected that are able to enter a Hive. Some units do not contribute to army strength because they are too few in number or too big to fit.


To enter a Hive, select your units and right click on it. They will then enter the Hive single file and either die fighting or emerge victorious, shutting down the Hive for good. Destroying a central Hive will also destroy all the Tunnels connected to it.


While it is possible to clear a Hive without reducing its strength to zero, it is not recommended. A Hive that is at zero strength can be cleared by a single unit and will take no casualties. In desperate circumstances entering a Hive with 1 or 2 strength points might be the right move, but anything higher than that is almost certain to spell failure.


After units have started to enter a Hive, you will not be able to give them orders until they have gone in and reemerged. Be careful not to order too many units into a Hive as you could take severe losses while those units are not under your control.


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