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Starship Troopers: Terran Command – Battle Tiers

Starship Troopers: Terran Command - Battle Tiers

Your Battle Tier represents your current level of infrastructure and is akin to a tech tree. You can only deploy buildings that are in a tier equal to or lower than your current Battle Tier.


To increase your Battle Tier, you must deploy a building of your current tier and then wait for a while until the next tier unlocks. On many missions, especially those early in the campaign, there will be a maximum Battle Tier that can be unlocked. If you hover your cursor over the Battle Tier bar, you can see if you can progress further or not. Only one building is required to increase your Battle Tier, so if you don’t need or want to deploy certain units, you can save open Delivery Platforms and War Support for later use. The buildings of each Battle Tier and the units they grant access to are as follows:



Battle Tier 1

Rifle Troopers do not require a building, other than a base and a Drop Site.


12 67

A Support Center [Q] allows the deployment of Engineers and Radio Operators.


13 31

A Command Center [A] allows the deployment of Snipers and a single Tactical Officer.



Battle Tier 2

14 52

A Rocket Depot [W] allows the deployment of Rocket Troopers.


18 3

An Ammo Dump [S] allows the deployment of MkII Troopers.



Battle Tier 3


A Power Plant allows [E] the deployment of E-Pulse Troopers.



A Fleet Relay [D] allows the deployment of a single Fleet Liaison Officer.



Battle Tier 4



A Machine Bay[R] allows the deployment of M-11 ‘Marauders’ with three different armament choices.



Battle Tier 5



A Sector Headquarters [T] allows the deployment of Powered Suit Troopers.


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