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Starcom: Nexus – Admin Commands

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Console Commands

To bring up the developer console, press ~ and “l” at the same time. (That’s a lower case L).



Respec() : Remove all researchable tech from player and return RP. Useful for trying out different research builds with the same level of tech.


SetDifficulty(x) : Change the difficulty of a game already in progress where x is a number > 0. The default is 1 and the named difficulties at start are powers of 2: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, etc…


Give(commodity, amount) : Give the player an amount of a commodity. E.g., Give(“GOLD”,50)


Take(commodity, amount) : The reverse of that.


ListCommodities() : List possible commodities along with their enum code



Essentially you want;





Give(“all other resource names”,20000)


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