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Starbase – What determines the cost of an item?

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What determines the cost of an item?

In the current iteration of the economy, the mass of an object has a great impact on the price. As most of the items and objects found in the game are eventually something that players can craft. That doesn’t mean that electronic parts are cheap just because they tend to be on the smaller side of objects in mass. Most advanced electronics are made out of rare noble metals that have a much higher value than standard industry metals. Ship prices are quite broad. Vasama costs much, much less than the multi-million frigate, but by doing the simplest and worst paying of jobs, getting a Vasama is 30-40 minute job atm. Beyond that, it really depends on how the player decides to earn money. There is always the possibility to “strike gold” so to speak and find valuable minerals from single enough to finance a  complete fighter.


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