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Starbase – STEAM Crash / Game Freeze Issue Fix

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STEAM Crash / Game Freeze Issue Fix

It might be worth doing the following:



Starbase game settings:

* Use low settings & use Windowed mode



Steam settings:

* Steam -> Settings -> In-Game -> Disable “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”


* Steam -> Settings -> In-Game -> Steam Networking, change Default to Never


* Run starbase.exe as admin; right-click on the game in Steam, choose Properties, choose Local Files, choose Browse, find starbase.exe, right-click and choose Properties, then Compatibility, and finally enable the checkbox “Run this program as an administrator”



More experimental/advanced:

* Set “High Priority” for the starbase.exe task in Task Manager -> Details and find starbase.exe, right-click, and “Set Priority” to High


People have reported fewer crashes with these settings.


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