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STAR WARS: Squadrons PC Gamepad Controls

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Movement/Speed controls:

-Pitch: Left thumbstick up/down (or right stick if that’s your preference)


-Yaw: Left thumbstick right/left (or right stick)


-Roll right: RB


-Roll left: LB


-Throttle control: Right thumbstick up/down (or thumbstick opposite of pitch/yaw)


-Boost/Drift: Right thumbstick click



Weapon/Ability controls:

-Fire laser cannons: Y


-Auxiliary right: R trigger


-Auxiliary left: L trigger


-Targeting lock on: X (hold for menu)


-Switch targets/target attacker: A


-Countermeasures: B



Power management:

-Weapon increase: D-Pad U


-Balance power: D-Pad D


-Engine increase: D-Pad L


-Shield increase: D-Pad R


-Focus shields backward: Back/Window


-Focus shields forward: Double tap back/Window


-Shields rebalance: hold Back/Window



Misc controls:

-Orders/Acknowledge: Left thumb stick click


-VR view center: hold start/menu


-Menu confirm: A


-Menu cancel: B


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