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Sony Offers PS Plus Subscribers Extra VR Games This Month

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The saying goes that the best things in life are free, which is a statement that translates seamlessly into the world of gaming. Sure buying the latest AAA title is great, but there are few things more satisfying than being handed a 20+ hour gaming experience for nothing at all. This is something that PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold offer to players every month, with the former arguably offering the picks of the bunch, especially this calendar year. Well, it seems they are ready to give players a treasure trove of goodies this month with the usual batch of PS4/PS5 games and three VR titles.



Viva La Virtual Reality

Sony plans to give players three extra games, all of which will be PSVR titles. This is a gesture to those who have supported the PSVR and allowed this console accessory to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Five years ago, VR as a gaming genre was in its infancy, and arguably, it still is. However, with great experiences like Resident Evil 7 and Fallout 4 VR offering a compelling and immersive VR experience, it’s easy to see why Sony wants to celebrate being able to compete with VR giants like Oculus and HTC.


It seems that the games will not come as a package deal, though. We guess that would be too much excitement for one month. Instead, it is expected that Sony will give one game away every month starting in November and concluding in January. Perhaps this is a marketing ploy to get fans excited about the success of PSVR before the holidays, or maybe we are cynical. Who knows.



What To Expect?

Honestly, we aren’t sure what could arrive in our VR gaming libraries in the coming months. However, we know that Sony has been no stranger to offering VR titles via PS Plus in the past. Sony has given us games like Concrete Genie, Star Wars: Squadrons, Bound, and Farpoint in the past. However, most of these games have been cross-platform in the sense that you could play them without a VR headset. So we can only assume that Sony will let themselves off the leash and offer VR-only games that showcase the impressive lineup that the PSVR has cultivated over its five-year tenure.


Bear in mind that this is purely speculation, but here are a few options that we believe may be offered by Sony in this celebratory gesture:


  • Job Simulator


  • Beat Saber


  • Superhot


  • Dreams


  • Tetris Effect


  • Statik


  • Rez Infinite


We know that as of the beginning of 2020, Playstation VR had managed to sell an impressive 5 million units, and this is a testament to the great lineup of titles and the ever-evolving avenue of gaming that is VR. We hope that the games offered please fans, and hopefully, before long, we will get a AAA VR exclusive like Half-Life: Alyx release on PSVR.


So that is our news regarding PSVR. What do you think of Sony’s offering? What games do you believe will be included in this bundle? Do you think the PSVR is worth purchasing in 2021? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and as always, thank you for reading.


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