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SOLASTA Crown of the Magister Cheats

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The following are all SOLASTA Crown of the Magister achievements (including secret achievements) and how you can unlock them:


An easy victory

Finish a fight with only one character alive



Finish the game with no character ever dying


Death is only the beginning

Resurrect a fallen character


How do you want to do this?

Kill an enemy with a critical hit


You bow to no one

Create a Ranger


It’s rogue, not rouge

Create a Rogue


Yer a wizard, Henry

Create a Wizard


Deus Vult

Create a Paladin


I need healing!

Create a Cleric


Beat ‘Em Up

Create a Fighter


Worth it

Damage a friendly character with a spell


Close shave

Have a character stabilize with 2 failed death saving throws


Humpty Dumpty

Have a character die or go unconscious from falling



Use ‘Reroll Dice’ more than 20 times in Character Creation


The classics

Start the campaign with a fighter, cleric, wizard, and rogue


I cast fist!

Start the campaign with no cleric or wizard


The Old Guard

Make friends with Arwin Merton



Clear the Temple of the Lost God


Mutinous thoughts

Escape Caer Lem with Robar Sharp


I have my doubts

Escape Caer Lem with Lisbath Townsend


Wasn’t me

Escape Caer Lem with Daliat Sunbird


I’m not paid enough for that

Escape Caer Lem with Beryl Stonebeard


Champions of the Principality

Max out your reputation with the Principality of Masgarth


Champions of the Tower

Max out your reputation with the Tower of Knowledge


Champions of the Arcaneum

Max out your reputation with the Arcaneum


Champions of the Circle

Max out your reputation with the Circle of Danantar


Champions of the Antiquarians

Max out your reputation with the Antiquarians


We don’t negotiate with monsters

Kill Aksha


Where do you think you’re going?

Kill Razvan


We are friends, not food

Negotiate with Aksha


You get nothing! Good day sir!

Kill Mardracht


Back in my days…

Negotiate with Mardracht


I swear.

Become Deputy of the Council


Climbing the ranks

Become Senior Deputy of the Council


The plot thickens

Find out what happened to Captain Henrik


Crown of the Magister

Obtain the Crown


Believe us now?

Show proof that the Soraks are real


Master of Necromancy

Obtain the Gem of Necromancy


Master of Abjuration

Obtain the Gem of Abjuration


Master of Conjuration

Obtain the Gem of Conjuration


Master of Evocation

Obtain the Gem of Evocation



Uncover four members of the Covend of Arivad


Into the Breach

Enter Aer Elai


Heroes of Solasta

Complete the game


Watch your step!

Have an enemy fall to their death


Not on my watch

Kill an enemy during their turn


It’s Super Effective!

Deal the appropriate type of damage to an enemy with vulnerability


It’s just a flesh wound

Take a critical hit without going down


Gold makes Solasta go round

Have 20,000 gold in your inventory


Stay awhile and listen

Identify 20 magic items


Why can’t I hold all these magic items?

Have one character attune to 3 magic items


Deadly to the touch

Use the Poisoner’s Kit 20 times


Stop complaining about the taste

Use the Herbalism Kit 20 times


Enchantment? Enchantment!

Use the Manacalon Rosary 20 times


What a spellcaster truly needs

Use the Scroll Kit 20 times


Monster Hunters

Unlock new information in the Bestiary 100 times


My tailor is rich

Complete the Aristocrat Background Quest


To be or not to be

Complete the Philosopher Background Quest


Let me see those coins

Complete the Lowlife Background Quest


My faith is my shield

Complete the Acolyte Background Quest


My sword is yours

Complete the Sellsword Background Quest


The quill is mightier than the sword

Complete the Academic Background Quest


Justice is blind

Complete the Lawkeeper Background Quest


I spy with my little eye

Complete the Spy Background Quest


Fire at will

Kill 20 enemies using Fire Damage in a single campaign


Ice Ice Baby

Kill 20 enemies using Ice Damage in a single campaign



Kill 20 enemies using Thunder Damage in a single campaign



Kill 20 enemies using Lightning Damage in a single campaign


Death Adder

Kill 20 enemies using Necrotic Damage in a single campaign



Kill 20 enemies using Radiant Damage in a single campaign


Melting pot

Kill 20 enemies using Acid Damage in a single campaign


Every problem looks like a nail

Kill 20 enemies using Bludgeoning Damage in a single campaign


That’s a lot of magic missiles!

Kill 20 enemies using Force Damage in a single campaign


Shish Kebab

Kill 20 enemies using Piercing Damage in a single campaign


Ah, sweet toxicity!

Kill 20 enemies using Poison Damage in a single campaign


A battle of wits

Kill 20 enemies using Psychic Damage in a single campaign


Measure twice, cut once

Kill 20 enemies using Slashing Damage in a single campaign


Critical Thinking

Land 50 critical hits in a single campaign


Champions of the Scavengers

Max out your reputation with the Scavengers


Step into my realm!

Create a dungeon using the Dungeon Maker


A whole new world

Enter a custom dungeon


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