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Silica Beginner’s Guide: Tips for New Players

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Silica, an early access game, masterfully fuses the adrenaline rush of multiplayer first-person shooters with the intricate strategy of classic real-time strategy (RTS) games. This captivating blend of gameplay styles evokes memories of iconic games such as Command and Conquer: Renegade & Natural Selection. Bohemia’s Incubator program, which offers financial support and publishing services to indie game creators, has made possible this innovative project, which is the brainchild of developer Martin Melicharek.


Silica boasts two unique modes for players to explore: first-person shooter & real-time strategy. You can opt to play as an infantry soldier or a commander. As an infantry soldier, you’ll find yourself in the thick of battle, confronting enemy troops and commandeering various vehicles. Meanwhile, as a commander, you’ll supervise the conflict from above, directing units, managing resources, and building structures to aid your team’s endeavors.



Selecting Your Faction

Silica features two primary factions: humans and aliens. Each faction has its distinctive units, vehicles, and playstyles.




The human faction emphasizes technology and firepower, employing potent vehicles and multifaceted infantry classes to outflank and outgun their adversaries. Resource management and base construction are vital aspects of human gameplay, as players must secure their economy and establish a robust infrastructure to support their military operations. Here’s a rundown of the human faction’s characteristics:


  • Emphasis on technology and firepower.


  • Access to various vehicles, such as Harvesters, Light Quads, and Siege Tanks.


  • Multifaceted infantry classes, including Scouts, Riflemen, and Engineers.




The Alien faction excels in mobility and adaptability, using their unique abilities to traverse various terrains and execute surprise attacks. Swarm tactics, resource denial, and constant evolution are key elements of alien gameplay, enabling players to overwhelm their enemies and adapt to new challenges as they arise. Here is a summary of the alien faction’s features:


  • Hive-mind, insect-like creatures.


  • Able to climb surfaces and maneuver through terrain.


  • Unique units, such as stealthy Crabs, nimble Hunters, and armored Goliaths.


Each faction in Silica offers a unique experience, requiring players to develop and execute strategies tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen side. By understanding and embracing the core gameplay mechanics of both humans and aliens, players can become formidable opponents on the battlefield and enjoy the diverse experiences that Silica has to offer.



FPS Tips for Human Infantry

  • As an infantry player, it is important to learn the strengths & weaknesses of each vehicle and unit in order to exploit them effectively.


  • Help your team’s economy by taking control of Harvesters, speeding up resource gathering.


  • Learn to vault and climb by holding space, allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas.


  • Be mindful of fall damage; human characters are more vulnerable to fall damage.


  • Use appropriate infantry classes for different situations, such as Scouts for reconnaissance or Engineers for repairing vehicles.


  • Keep an eye out for alien creep nodes and destroy them to slow down enemy expansion.


  • Use thermal vision (Q) and flashlights (L) to spot hidden enemies.


  • Remember that vehicles can also suffer fall damage.



RTS Tips for Human Commanders

  • Commanders should be aware of the “rock-paper-scissors” dynamic between units, using counters effectively to gain an advantage. This is crucial because even the most valuable units might not always be the best option to use, and losing them can be costly.


  • Deploy Harvesters to silica crystal fields to gather resources.


  • Construct and strategically place structures to produce and deploy units. Experimenting with different unit combinations not only creates powerful synergies but also breaks enemy lines more easily.


  • Utilize various units to counter enemy threats, such as anti-air units against flying enemies.


  • Manage your resources carefully, balancing unit production and base expansion.


  • Communicate with your infantry players, providing them with information and support.


  • Develop a strong defense, as well as a well-coordinated offense. Learning the maps and adapting strategies for each map are crucial, as you’ll need to adjust your tactics accordingly to maximize your squad’s effectiveness.



Tips for Playing as Aliens

  • Never underestimate the simple Crab; even a free unit can cause significant damage.


  • As an alien player, use your unique abilities to surprise and outmaneuver your opponents. Master burrowing to become invulnerable and surprise enemies.


  • Use your ability to climb surfaces to your advantage, reaching inaccessible areas for humans.


  • Remember that aliens do not suffer from fall damage.



Economy and Resource Management

  • Prioritize gathering resources and establishing a strong economy early in the game. A strong economy is crucial for a powerful army, so never ignore this aspect of the game. Balance the production of units, vehicles, and build structures to maintain a steady resource flow.


  • Scout enemy resource operations and harass them to slow down their economy. This will make a huge difference later in the game.



Communication and Teamwork

  • Commanders should relay crucial information to their team, such as enemy movements or vulnerable targets. When attacking enemy bases, coordinate your efforts with your team to ensure a successful assault. That’s why using voice and text chat effectively is important for frequent communication, sharing valuable information, and coordinating attacks with your teammates.


  • Roaming alone on the map can be risky. Work together with other infantry players to maximize your impact on the battlefield.


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