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Rogue Legacy 2 – How to Get The ‘Had to Do It’ Achievement

Rogue Legacy 2 - How to Get The ‘Had to Do It’ Achievement

Before its release, Rogue Legacy 2 had to overcome two major challenges. One of the main goals was to break into the competitive rogue-lite market, which is dominated by games like Hades and others. The second challenge was to come up with a sequel that would appeal to both old and new fans. Despite the difficulties, Cellar Door Games lived up to its expectations and became a worldwide phenomenon.


Players are attempting speed runs, zero damage playthroughs, and other in-game challenges, and in this article, you will learn how to get one of Rogue Legacy 2’s most difficult achievements.



Steps to get the ‘Had to Do It’ Achievement

  1. You will have to see the title drop and unlock the True Ending.


  1. To get the True Ending, you must complete the game eight times or read all of the memories before facing the Knight in the Garden.


  1. The Knight drops a Secret Key once you have defeated him. You will need it later for the achievement.


  1. Now activate all the Prime Boss versions and defeat them in a single run.


  1. The game’s true ending involves a Dragon flying with Jonah, which will not happen unless you follow the steps exactly.


Note: Please be aware that achievement notifications in Rogue Legacy 2 can cause significant lag and FPS drops.


We also have instructions on how to get the ‘Full House’ achievement in Rogue Legacy 2, which is the most challenging of all. So, if you’re stuck, have a look at it.


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