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Rogue Legacy 2 – How to Get The ‘Full House’ Achievement

Rogue Legacy 2 - How to Get The ‘Full House’ Achievement

Rogue Legacy 2 is the perfect example of a well-made sequel to a previous game. It achieves the ideal balance of a fun-filled experience and a moderately steep learning curve, enticing both old and new fans to give it a try. 


The purpose of RL2, like with other 2D platformers, is to uncover more efficient ways of beating the game while obtaining all of the achievements along the way. This tutorial will show you how to achieve the Full House achievement, which is the hardest to obtain. 



Rogue Legacy 2 – How to get the ‘Full House’ Achievement

  1. You need to find all the eggplants.


First – Located on the top left side of the Tutorial.


Second – After going through the Red Challenge Portal, proceed to the highest point. The eggplant, along with a chest, should be present there.


Third – A teleporter with a Knight standing to its right is located in a snowy region. The teleporter will transport you to the third eggplant, which is located right above the middle stone.


Fourth – Located to the left of Irad’s (boss of the Sun Tower) entrance.


  1. Complete every conversation with the Blacksmith, Death, Runet, Safe, and all of the other characters on the Dock. You must continue conversing until each of them offers you 500 spheres.


Note: When it’s time to communicate with a character, a message symbol floats above their head. You will also need to interact with various individuals and classes in order to access all of the dialogues.


  1. Get the ‘Erebus Cleared’ achievement by undergoing the scars for bronze.


  1. After slaying Tubal, speak with the Dragon. Keep talking to him as different characters to keep him from falling asleep after each phrase. Repeat the same game until you have received a total of 500 spheres from the Dragon.


  1. Head over to the Shop and buy ‘Space Overlord’. 


  1. Now go through the game for the True ending.


  1. When the True Ending sequence begins, you will see Jonah with the Dragon, as well as all of the characters with heart signs over their heads.


We also have a tutorial on how to acquire the ‘Had to Do It’ achievement in Rogue Legacy 2, so check it out if you’re stuck.


Rogue Legacy 2 – How to Get The ‘Had to Do It’ Achievement


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