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Ranch Simulator – Animals Guide

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Breeding chickens is a cost-effective and great start for ranchers. Ensure you have built a chicken coop, as this will keep them safe. Place a chicken in a coop, and it will return there tı eat and sleep. Do not forget to keep replenishing the grain and water. Chickens lay eggs once a day, most often in the evening or at night. With at least one chicken and one rooster in the same coop, the chicken will soon lay a fertilized egg. Mother chickens are attentive to their eggs, sp if you pick up a fertilized one, the chicken may start to bite you. You can purchase an ovoscope from the general store for candling eggs, which will help you see if the egg is fertilized. Put unfertilized eggs in a basket to safely transport them to the store to sell, but leave fertilized eggs with their mothers to hatch naturally.






Ensure you have built a barn keep the doors locked to prevent the cow from escaping. You can milk a cow twice a day; remember to buy milk can so that you can transport and sell the milk at the general store.






Ensure you have built a barn keep the doors locked to prevent the pig from escaping. You will need a lot of grain as once the pig has been fattened, you must slaughter it and deliver the meat to the general store to sell.



Animal Transportation

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You can transport animals in a car (see Cars capacity). Press the E button when facing large livestock, and you can control it to either follow you home on foot or get in the car when facing it.


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