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Project Winter – Tips for Intermediates

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Tips for Intermediates

1. Never leave bear traps lying around.

Bear traps are one of the most overpowered items in the game for what they cost and what they provide. If used correctly, they are a very fun and effective win condition since you can basically kill anyone, regardless of their hp, without taking a single hit. I can not stress this enough, but please if you have bear traps placed in a certain area and you are forced to leave for whatever reason I suggest you trigger them and pick them back up. Its important, especially if you are a traitor, that the enemy doesn’t trigger them while you’re gone because it’s the only trap that can be used against you.


2. Keep your warmth and food levels as high as possible.

I know this might seem obvious, but the amount of times I’ve seen people freezing or starving during a big fight is concerning. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad, but its very easy to miscalculate how much food or warmth you will ”consume” before returning to cabin. Don’t greed for resources if you are not in a position to fight. Keep in mind that a sheep traitor will constantly feed the wolf with information such as:


”X is freezing he’s not going to be a threat”


”X is starving, I can take him out with my melee”


3. Keep your distance and watch your surroundings during a fight.

I know aiming at the traitor’s face can be distracting sometimes but that gives a great opportunity for the ”sheep” traitor to take you down. Make sure you space out from everyone during a fight and stay close to nearby objects (such as cabin signs or bunkers) to dodge incoming bullets.


4. Approaching an already started fight in the early game. [Survivor]

If a fight has broken out while you were away try to find out what’s going on. Down all players that took part in the fight, if possible, and hear their stories. Most often I just kill anyone that took part in the fight unless traitors were super obvious. It’s a big risk to revive everyone as you give the traitors a second chance to come back into the game.


5. Did your traitor buddy make a bad call and is asking you to back him up?

If the play doesn’t look good at all don’t even try, please. Don’t get yourself caught because of your teammate’s actions unless you know they are good enough at the game to still get the win.

If your teammate dies early don’t give up without a fight regardless of how bad things are looking.


Try to isolate the survivors one by one or just go around the map looking for traitor boxes. The game IS NOT over.


6. Use the poison crossbow on downed players

Shooting downed players with a poisoned crossbow will greatly reduce the time they have if you were to finish them normally.


If you don’t have a poisoned crossbow punch the downed player to death so you don’t make as much noise as you normally would by smacking him with your melee.



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