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Planet Zoo – How to Build Facilities

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How to Build Facilities 

For your own functional zoo, you also need to have facilities for your staff. There are many different types of facilities to choose from. Some may attract you and you might think of it as a necessary requirement to have but it is best to consider your choices financially. Saving up on money is very important and you do not want to run out of money in the early stages of your gameplay.


If you are doing okay with money and can afford a good facility or two, make sure you have the important facilities placed first. This includes a Staff Building, a Quarantine, a Trade Center and even a Keeper Hut. These should be your absolute first priority when you are looking to build facilities. If you can spare a little more without risking your money, it is also best to have a Vet Surgery facility. This is because your animals will get hurt from time to time. These happen from various reasons like rival males fighting each other in the same enclosure.


Once you have got the important facilities out of your way, you might want to think of treating your guests with facilities that will aid them. This means you can purchase food stalls, bathrooms, and merchandise shops for your guests. However, these facilities should be your secondary priorities and well after you have a good flow of cash coming in.


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