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Planet Zoo – Employees

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  • Caretakers: They sweep and keep the park clean, but also can transfer animals to new habitats. As your zoo grows bigger, you will want to hire more or end up with litter problems.



  • Keeper: Keepers care for your animals, keeping the habitats clean and feeding them. They will transfer animals to new exhibits. You will want plenty of Keepers, as they are the ones that feed and clean up after your animals. If you have too many habitats / animals and not enough keepers, you will start having starving animals and very dirty habitats. Hire more if you start seeing those alerts. I tend to use 1 keeper for 3 small-medium habitats, and have a dedicated keeper for a huge habitat full of large animals like elephants.



  • Mechanic: Mechanics keep your zoo in running order, repairing fences, power and water treatment facilities, and can research new technology, fences, and buildings as long as you have a Workshop. You will find that you need plenty of these too, otherwise fences will start breaking and facilities will begin to break down because they are unable to get to it all in time.



  • Security: Security, as it suggests, keeps order in your park. They will prevent vandalism and pick pocketing.



  • Vendor: These are the employees that staff your food and drink shops, the Info huts, and merchandise shops. You will need one for each building of those types that you have.



  • Veterinarian: Vets will take your animals to Surgery if they get injured, and can research animals to unlock more enrichment items for them. Higher research also increases breeding success chances.


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