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Nioh 2 – Secret Trophies Guide

Nioh 2 - Secret Trophies Guide

There are 21 secret trophies:



Secret Trophies

  • Dream Within a Dream (Gold): Saw Tokichiro off on his final departure.


  • Seven Wonders (Silver): Defeated each of the Seven Spears in “Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo”.


  • Spa Lover (Silver): Bathed in every hot spring.


  • An Electrifying Triumph (Bronze): Defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto and was made a samurai.


  • Bold Wrangler (Bronze): Defeated Gozuki in “The Village of Cursed Blossoms”.


  • Clean Sweep (Bronze): Destroyed every Amrita shard in “The High-spirited Demon”.


  • Dawn of a Dream (Bronze): Befriended Tokichiro.


  • Devout Believer (Bronze): Defeated the boss of “The Viper’s Sanctum” without breaking the statue of Shirohami.


  • Dream’s Toll (Bronze): Defeated Tokichiro.


  • Dungball Roller (Bronze): Became Ryunojo the Dung Lover’s best friend.


  • Feather Buster (Bronze): Drove back every Tatarimokke along the journey in “A Way Out”.


  • Friend to the Kodama (Bronze): Obtained a Kodama’s Soul Core.


  • Grazer Eraser (Bronze): Defeated Mezuki and Gozuki in the same mission.


  • Hidden Hopes (Bronze): Encountered all the Usura-Hicho in “The Frenzied Blaze”.


  • Hideyoshi (Bronze): Decided to share a name with Tokichiro.


  • Mother and Child (Bronze): Reunited with your mother in the Interim.


  • Peal of Ten Thousand Bells (Bronze): Rang all the bells in “Ruin Draws Near”.


  • Schemer (Bronze): Got Gyuki to attack the dam in “Pervading Waters”.


  • Seasoned Traveler (Bronze): Discovered 10 hidden items on the map.


  • The Paths We Tread (Bronze): Parted ways with Tokichiro.


  • What is Written (Bronze): Fulfilled your ultimate destiny.


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