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New World – How to Buy a House

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How to Buy a House

Houses in the New World are extremely expensive. Depending on the tier, they may cost anything from a few thousand to tens of thousands of gold. In addition to the cost of the house, the player will have to pay taxes. Houses that are more expensive come with more benefits. Trophies that give various advantages and a fast travel cooldown are among the benefits that a house provides. This is why buying a house in an area where the player goes frequently is a wise choice. If you don’t pay your regular taxes, you’ll lose access to the benefits that come with owning a home. It’s worth noting that furniture, drapes, and even pets may be used to decorate houses in New World. Once the house is entirely decorated, the player can invite people to come to see it.




To buy a property, the player also needs to have a high social standing. It might be anywhere from 10 to 30. Completing missions, acquiring resources, fighting monsters, and so on are all ways to accomplish this.


That is all you need to know to buy a house in New World. We hope you found this guide helpful. Please let us know if you believe we missed something important in the comments section. Below you’ll find some additional game-related guides. Please have a look;


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