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Moving Out – Bonus Objectives Guide

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A complete list of bonus objectives, with additional commentary on the unclear ones, is below:



Holly’s Home

  • Break the windows


  • Don’t break any windows.


  • Bring the flamingos – Deliver the flamingos, even though they’re not required.



Pepperoni Palace

  • Goal! – Place the soccer ball in the net


  • Deliver the turtle – Also required for Animal Lover achievement.


  • Don’t break the vase.



The Hoop House

  • Shoot some hoops – throw the basketball through the hoop. It also unlocks The Bird’s achievement.


  • Pets stay outside! – Don’t let the chicken into the house. You need to deliver this chicken for the Animal Lover achievement, so I recommend putting it in the truck as quickly as possible. If it contains to move, you’ll need to trap it on the truck with some furniture.


  • Don’t break any windows.



Poolside Pad

  • Don’t hold a box for more than 3 seconds.


  • Keep everything dry


  • Jump over the pool – You can’t jump over the pool without creating some platform. I would recommend using the couch and sticking it over the collection as far as possible.



Jerry’s Apartment

  • Don’t break any glass.


  • Don’t break any objects.


  • Give a bird a bath – Place a flamingo in the bathtub.



Casa de Cliff

  • Who let the goose out? – Slap the mailbox, and the goose will get angry and run out of the red door. You’ll also need to deliver this goose for the Animal Lover achievement.


  • No stairs for you! – Use the cliffs to get up into the house


  • Break the windows



Summer Chalet

  • No stair run – Use only the snow slopes to get up.


  • Go snowboarding – Throw the snowboard down one of the snow slopes.


  • Avoid the snow – Use only the stairs, don’t throw objectives over, or walk on the snow.



21 Slick Street

  • Don’t get hit by a car.


  • Mess up the trophies – Knock over all the trophies in the house


  • Don’t get oily



Snottsberry Farm

  • Disturb the nests – Push all the eggs out of nests


  • Avoid the rakes


  • Make some pen pals – Place all the animals in the pigpen at the back right of the level. This objective may take a long time, but as long as you get the checkmark to appear, it will count, even if you lose the level.



Packmore River

  • Ride a croc – Stand on a crocodile until the achievement appears


  • Get hit by a caffeinated driver – Run into a car with a coffee mug on top of it.


  • Bring the frog to the other side – The frog will constantly follow you through the level. You’ll need to move slowly for him to survive the trip. I would recommend leading the frog across the river as the last thing you do. please put it in the truck but be aware that every time you head to the very bottom of the screen, the frog will respawn)



The AAAAAH-tari Office

  • Don’t break any windows.


  • Put the printer in the lift.


  • Deliver the trolley – The trolley is located on the upper floor near the bottom of the screen.



Dread Manor

  • Bust-a-ghost – Slap a ghost for this one. I’d recommend doing this after a run where you don’t slap a ghost, as it’s known to be a buggy achievement.


  • Deliver me his head! – Deliver the talking armor statue from the armor in the entryway of the manor.


  • Mess up the artwork – Knock all eight paintings off the walls of the 2nd floor



Roundabout Mansion

  • Hop across the pond


  • Don’t mess up any artwork – This was one of the hardest objectives for me. The ghosts can also knock artwork off the walls, so do your best to avoid their attention.


  • No ghost hugs – Don’t get grabbed by any ghosts



Obidiah’s Orchard

  • Avoid all the rakes


  • Don’t break the fragile item.


  • Ride the turtles – Jump on all four



Lenny’s Mansion

  • Clear the pier


  • Don’t step on any buttons.


  • Smash the trophy case



Neighbourhood Watch HQ

  • Help a chicken fly – Place a chicken on a fan.


  • Keep the chickens off the grass – I would recommend blocking the holes out of the warehouse so the chickens can’t get out.


  • Discover the weird secret – Knock the papers off the billboard at the top of the warehouse



Deserted Depot

  • Use only the middle delivery lane.


  • Deliver all boxes first – Only small boxes are required.


  • Deliver all couches first – All the one and two cushion couches by the saw blades are required.



Sealed Storehouse

  • Deliver all small crates first


  • Get a workout – Run on a conveyor until the checkmark appears.


  • Don’t take any items through the door – Make sure no items touch a door or door frame, whether you’re holding them or not.



Locked Lever Lab

  • Smash the windows


  • Take the couch outside – Far left side of the map.


  • Use the levers only two times.



Flamethrower Factory

  • Don’t destroy any crates.


  • Don’t stand on the conveyor.


  • Crush the Couch



The Chase

  • Don’t fall from the train.


  • Complete the gaming area – Bring the white video game console from the first car to the last car.


  • Send a message Gnome – Throw the garden gnome at the radio tower on the right-hand side of the train car. If you miss, the garden gnome will respawn on the train.



The Floor is Guava

  • Don’t let items touch the guava.


  • Ride the barrel – Stand on it until the checkmark appears


  • Don’t touch the blue platforms – The squares.



Stairway to Melon

  • Take a shower – stand under the leaking pipe.


  • Hit the pipe – Throw something in the open pipe in the middle.


  • Break all glass



Guava Run

  • Don’t touch the guava.


  • Get pushed and survive – I held a heavy tube and used that to catch myself after being pushed.


  • Ahh, Push It… – Throw a small tube to hit the button above the pushing arm.



Satellite Base Alpha

  • Who delivers the deliverer? – Press the button and jump in the delivery chute. Throw something at the button if you’re trying to do it solo.


  • I’m the fire jumper – Jump over the fire on the left side of the screen.


  • Deliver each item separately.



Revolution Station

  • Crush a thing – Destroy an item by placing it between moving walls


  • Deliver everything via the left door


  • Don’t touch the moving walls – You cannot touch the walls while they’re in motion or staying still. To be safe, I made sure that no items I was holding touched the walls, but I’m not sure if that’s required.




  • Don’t use the levers.


  • Deliver the boxes & avoid the guavatron – Throw the boxes across the lower gap. You may need to jump off the cliff to throw them far enough.


  • Take the sheep home – Deliver the sheep. This is needed for Animal Lover.



Contraband Cluster

  • Don’t use the middle fan – Be careful to avoid bumping items into the fan.


  • Don’t use the levers.


  • Float for 10 seconds



Pack Rat Planet

  • Hit a basketball shot – Throw a ball into the hoop.


  • Sit on the throne – Throne = Toilet


  • Take printer for a spin – Drag the printer onto the center platform.



The Final Move?

  • Get squished by the outhouse – Immediately after the flaming fists; you need to run into the bottom right-hand corner of the center area.


  • Throw something at the rat – This has to be done after the first delivery.


  • Survive 30 seconds with the flaming fists – You need to stand in the middle for all 30 seconds.


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