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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Recruit Troops

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How to Recruit Troops

Recruitments can be done in different villages and towns. You simply need to select the “Recruit Troops” option when you reach a given area. A window will open displaying the soldiers available there and each of the volunteer’s prices will also be showing. You can execute forced recruitment too in a village, but it will cause you to have bad ties with the village in question.


The villages and towns will not only have Basic Level 1 soldiers for you to recruit but you will also come across more seasoned warriors. You will find two categories of soldiers during the process of recruitment.


The first category is available to buy at any point. But the second category consisting of the more experienced soldiers can only be recruited after you achieve the specific amount of reputation needed in a particular location. To learn the requirements, you can hover the cursor over a particular warrior. You can gain reputation by completing related missions and by taking down bandit hideouts in the vicinity.


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