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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Best Beginner Build

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Best Beginner Build

Choosing a build that perfectly matches your play style is important early on in the game. Here, I will take through each of the options for the build and what they mean for your play style in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord and the best possible build for you so that you can do much more early on in the game.




Choosing the current family will greatly impact your play style. Choose the family depending on the weapon you want to use primarily throughout the game.


If you want to use a Crossbow then Mercenaries Family is the best option. If you want to use Poleaxes and Bows then Baron’s Retainers is the family you need to choose. For our best build, you are going to have to choose “Baron’s Retainers”.




Here you’ll have two options, “skill with horses” and “attention to detail”. For this build, go with “skill with horses” as it’ll give you a point in rising and medicine. “Attention to detail” gives players mastery in one-handed combat and since this bold is geared towards Poleaxes and Bows, this option isn’t going to do you much good.




Here you’ll choose “hunted small game” option as it’ll grant players +1 Skill to Bow and Tactics. Tactics will come in handy in the late game when you start deploying your army.




Here you also have two options: “Trained with cavalry” and “Rode with the scouts”. This choice depends on the player as both are good for the build. The former grants skills in two-handed weapons while the latter grants skill in ranged weapons and riding.



Young Adulthood

For this build, you need to choose successfully led a manhunt. This choice grants players with points in Tactics and Leadership.




Here you need to choose that you drove them off with arrows. This will grant players with 2 focus points for bows and one focus point for Control. This will make the bow very powerful and will make things easier early in the game.



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