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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX: Battle Tips and Strategies

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX: Battle Tips and Strategies

Monster Rancher: Battle Tips and Strategies


  • Guts are used to perform techniques and decrease when hit by the opponent.


  • The more Guts a monster has, the higher is the probability of them landing successful hits. This means that instead of simply throwing out techniques whenever you can, it might be better to accumulate Guts and wait for a chance to make a strong hit.



Technique Types

  • Techniques have a variety of characteristics: long-distance attacks, high-probability attacks, attacks that lower your opponent’s Guts, etc.


  • Learning those characteristics and using them wisely in battle is the key to victory.




  • Monsters with low loyalty will occasionally become confused. While confused, monsters are easier to hit.


  • This can be prevented by raising the monster’s loyalty. Also, if the opponent is confused, you have a chance to get in some effective attacks.


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  • Each technique has a range, and available techniques vary based on the distance between the monsters.


  • Use Push when you want to quickly increase the distance. This will force the opponent back and allow you to gain the distance you need for the technique you want to use.




  • When your monster’s life gauge drops to 0, the monster will be KO’ed and lose the match. When a monster is KO’ed, they may become injured, or, if they are fatigued or receive a lot of damage, even die.


  • KO is more likely when there is a large difference in strength between the two monsters. If you feel that your monster is in danger, do not hesitate to forfeit.



Status Changes

  • Status changes may occur under various conditions during battle. Status changes have varying effects, like increasing some of the monster’s abilities and others.


  • For example, when a monster is cornered, it may become furious and fight back. The better the monster’s Nature, the more likely it is to enter the “Fury” state. Furious monsters deal increased amounts of damage.


  • Learn to make the most of these status changes to gain an advantage in battle.


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