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Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Xbox One Controls

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Xbox One Controls

What buttons do what on my Xbox One controller? What are the default key bindings?

Every control option on the Xbox One version of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2.


  • Gas – RT


  • Brake/Reverse – LT


  • Pyrotechnics – RB


  • Boost – LB


  • Steer – LS


  • Rear Steer – RS


  • Reset Truck (should if flip) – B


  • Look Left – Left Pad (Left)


  • Look Right – Left Pad (Right)


  • Look Back – Left Pad (Down)


  • Donut Stunt – RT + LS (Left or Right) + RS (Left or Right)


  • Backflip – RT (Hold)



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