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Lust from Beyond Cheats

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Clown Figurines

1 On a crate around the corner from the rear of Victor’s car


2 Across the street from the clown pedestal


3 In the window of the building with the blue door (across from the hotel)


4 Near the tiki bar – across street from phone


5 Up the stairs at the end of the street – near the bar


6 On the 1st floor of the bar – right side on some crates


7 On a table near the flyer

— after you have escaped the hotel —


8 On the crate at the start of chapter 5


9 On the 2nd floor of the bar in locked chest (requires bolt cutters)



Toy’s Arms

— during the escape from the hotel–

On the end table in room 206 (the room you escape into through the window)

On the end table in room 108 – next to the corpse at far end of the room



Lauv’abrarc Figurines

1 In the drawer at the top of the spiral staircase (outside Victor’s room)

2 On the shelves in attic at the top of the ladder

3 In the bust with the missing skull piece on the staircase (the skull is on Sabinian’s bookshelf)

4 In the painting safe (see paintings below)




Heaven – In the grandfather clock in the top floor hallway

Earth – On a chair next to the pool table

Hell – In the cupboard in the lounge – across from the library

(Place them in this order on the wall)



Book of Secrets – Demiurges

— during the first visit to Lusst’ghaa —

1 On a pedestal right before the long jumpscare tunnel

— after being forced into Lusst’ghaa on the cross —

1 On a pedestal after sliding platform puzzle, up before the sneaky route

— during the first visit to Lusst’ghaa with Amanda —

3 In the cave off to the right, halfway though the vorh’n/m’nag tutorial, up the slope

— during the search for the mask of Ughro’ecna —

4 On a pedestal past the optional corruption puzzle – next to the third orb

— return to Xu’thrar —

5 In the catacombs directly after the first boss stage (before Amanda’s ambush)



Book of Secrets – Scarlet Lodge

1 On the table in the building with the blue door (across from the hotel)

— during the escape from the hotel —

2 In a secret compartment opened by finding the toy on the phone’s missing arms

— after entering the theater —

3 In the chest in the storage room near the men’s bathroom

— returning to save Lily —

4 On the table behind the curtain near the safe

5 On desk behind the hand door



Book of Secrets – Queen of Extacy

1 In Sabinian’s cubpoard – next to the bookshelf

2 ?? (still searching for this one, please comment if you have found it)

3 In the painting safe (see paintings above)

— after the attack in the mansion–

4 On the table behind Theodore in the ritual room

5 On Amanda’s bed before entering the portal



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