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King’s Bounty II: How to Change Field of View (FOV)

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How to Change Field of View (FOV)

Unfortunately, in King’s Bounty II, there is no FOV slider. Some players have complained of stomachaches and dizziness as a result of this situation. The good news is that by modifying specific game files, you can change the FOV. To change the Field of View in King’s Bounty II, follow the instructions below. Please remember to make a copy of the original file (Engine.ini) and save it somewhere before starting this process.


  • Go to the configuration file(s) location.



  • Find the file Engine.ini, open it with a text editor (notepad, etc.), and add this;




  • Change 120 with the desired FOV. You should set this value carefully; Otherwise, your gaming experience may be adversely affected.


  • Save the changes.


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  • All of these changes are likely to be reversed by a major update, requiring you to redo everything or disable the game’s automatic updates.


  • That’s it; we hope all of these adjustments have resolved your issue.


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